Mens Cashmere Tartan Scarf

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Cashmere Tartan Scarf

Our tartan designs evoke a sense of heritage & tradition, meanwhile our checkered prints offer a contemporary twist, adding a touch of versatility to any outfit. Crafted with the finest quality cashmere fibres, each scarf epitomises unparalleled softness and comfort, delicately draping you in cashmere delight.

Ancient Angus Tartan, Ancient Buchanan Tartan, Beige Plaid – 663, Black Watch Tartan, Buchanan Tartan, Camel Thompson, Donegal, Dress Stewart, Grey Buchanan, Grey Thompson Tartan, Irish National, Lindsay, Mackellar Pink, Macleod, MB Stewart, Midnight – 661, Mocha – 655, Mulberries 954, Natural Buchanan, Navy Bannockbane, Ocean Blue – 712, Orchid – 952, Purple Stewart, Redwood – 951, Royal Stewart, Sandstorm 973, Silver Bannockbane, Thistle 953

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Care Guide

In general, Cashmere and Wool are extremely special, and they require love and extra care taken with it.
As in general natural fabrics are a little more delicate, we recommend paying attention when wearing
jewellery and bags to avoid snagging.

We recommend hand wash only when it comes to any delicates. Using a gentle, chemical free laundry
detergent like our Lona Scott Cashmere Detergent. It’s always good to remember warm water, never
hot and squeeze garments gently when removing the excess water during the washing process.
Lay freshly washed garments flat on a surface with high airflow and avoid hanging them,
as laying it flat will preserve its original silhouette for longer.

For extra essential aftercare and maintenance, use our Popular Cashmere Comb to safely remove
any pills and for safe storage, place items in our luxurious Lona Scott Cashmere Storage Bag,
to preserve the garment’s beautiful shape while avoiding attracting any unwanted bugs.

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